Slate / Tile

A tile or slate roof is one of the most high end roofs available on the market. With such a beautiful look also comes durability. Slate is made out of a natural stone, while Tiles are most commonly made out of concrete or clay. The lifetime of a tile or slate roof can last 100+ years, if installed and maintained by a professional roofing contractor properly. Although the price tags on these roofs are very high they are well worth the investment. These roof systems will ad value to a home or commercial building, unlike a conventional shingle roof. The curb appeal of your new tile roof will be unbeatable and last a lifetime.

Before we sign any contracts with our customers regarding any tile or slate roof we will provide profiles and color options to be chosen from. We also take you through our process and communicate how the project will take place to insure you understand and are happy with all the options presented to you. 

Since the early 1990's professional roofing company has been installing specialty roofing such as tile and slate. With plenty of experience in these applications we can insure you will not have any issues with your roof. Are technicians have years of experience installing these products to manufacturers specifications to insure peace of mind to all of our customers. We also offer maintenance plans on tile and slate roofs and have a huge inventory of Concrete tile, Clay tile, specialty tiles and slate in case of repairs.


If you have a new project, a re-roofing project or just need a repair, give us a call ! We would love to be with you to help through the entire process. 


Our Tile Inventory

Check out our website showing our inventory of tile. We have all types of concrete tile, clay tile, slate, and specialty tiles. With over 50 colors and profiles we have what you need!